The Losing Battle

I can’t stop the hurting, it consumes me
My head and my heart just aren’t what they use to be

The pain never subsides
I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive

This pain wants to be my friend
I keep fighting, trying not to let it in

 But it always breaks my walls
No one near can hear my calls

 I don’t want this pain to be the end of me
Although, sometimes the present is all I see

 The future is all but unclear
I’m starting to lose all the worries of my fears

 Fears to not exist
I’m starting to feel deaths kiss

 The reason being, is there’s no pain after you die
If what I believe in is true, I’ll fly up to the sky

 Meet my maker is what I hope
I will ask him, to explain my life in a scope

 But it doesn’t matter because it’s to late
Because no one saw or cared, so I lost my faith

 Now I don’t hurt or want to cry
Because you don’t have feelings after you die


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