I have never been so timorous
It’s like I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve

 As you can see I am quite nervous
Nervous, that when we fight you might leave

 See if you go my heart goes too
So, I suck it up and try not to be anxious

 For once in my life I see no one else but you
It’s like you’re this rare disease, so infectious

 I don’t go to the doctor
I want to be sick

 There is no cure for it, this disease you concocted
And baby, I came down with it quick

 So if you die, so do I
It’s a Romeo and Juliet kind of love

 I keep asking my self why?
Why is it you, that I so much crave?

 But I know the answer to the question I ask
You’re different than the others

 You’ve never hid behind a mask
I will never be able to be another’s

 You have my heart and love in your hand
It’s glued, stitched, and stuck

 Threw every hurricane we will withstand
Thank you for making me so moonstruck